Bamyasi Studio

Is a state-of-art audio production facility located in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Designed by WSDG, our studio operates with top technology and the right gear for that stellar sound that you need.

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Christian Cooley Director and Producer at Bamyasi Studio

Bamyasi-Studio is a sound design and music production team that supports networks, brands, film & games. We specialize in fresh, relevant & story-focused sound for all visual platforms. Our in-house producer Christian Cooley has developed a career in music production and sound design in the US and Latin America. He works closely with top advertising agencies and record labels.


Audio Post

Our world-class engineers bring the best of their expertise in the following post-production areas:

  • Audio production and sound design for TV, film & radio advertising.
  • Branded content, online & mobile.
  • TV programs & short films.

Music Production

With more than ten years of experience in sourcing music for film, media and advertising. Our team specializes in music supervision (music search & license negotiations) and original music (talent procurement, production & delivery).

Voice Casting

Whether it’s for an end line on a TV ad or the lead character in a feature film, our company will give you the options to choose the right voice. We co-work with casting agencies all around the US and Latin America.


If your voice talent is overseas, another part of the US or based here in Miami, we have the technology to record audio in high definition remotely. We count with a wide network of studio partners with the highest standards in case you require any assistance recording almost anywhere in the world.


Worried about how you mix your music? Got that killer recording that needs an equally killer mix to jump out of your speakers? Fear not, because even those on a limited budget can take advantage of our iMixing service which offers the full service of our professional engineers here at Bamyasi Studio.

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Bamyasi Studio

123 NW 23rd st. 33127 Miami, FL

Tel. (786) 353-7667